Whether you're trimming down to use a Bathmate Hydropump or just looking to stay tidy, pubic hair maintenance can be difficult. We've designed Bathmate Trim as a grooming kit specifically for pubic hair, taking care of all of the usual problems people have when it comes to intimate hairdressing. 

Inside the Bathmate Trim kit, you'll find our cordless, USB-rechargeable Bathmate Trim razor, alongside a collection of accessories: 2 razor heads (including a precision trimmer) and 4 length attachments ranging from 3 to 12mm, letting you pick exactly how long you want your pubic hair to be, all packed in a discreet travel case.

While Bathmate Trim is all about intimate shaving, it's also a perfect choice for hair on any other part of the body (although we'd recommend giving it a proper clean before changing areas).