How to Massage Your Prostate Safely

How to Massage Your Prostate Safely

Prostate massage, the act of stimulating the prostate either internally or externally, has plenty of benefits. It's been known to help with a wide range of men's health issues, including painful ejaculation, prostatitis and erectile dysfunction, and on top of that, it's fun. Men who've tried it often report that their prostate orgasms are even better than penile orgasms. While prostate massage is fun, it's also important to practice several safety tips that can help to prevent injury and infection. When learning how to massage your prostate, be sure to follow these safety tips.

Prostate Massage Safety Tips

Clean your anus and the surrounding area

Before you or your partner touch your prostate, either internally or externally, it's important that you take a moment to clean your anus and the area around it, including the perineum. Use gentle soap and water in the shower, or in a pinch you can clean the area with a baby wipe. Not only does this prevent germs and dirt from getting into places it shouldn't be, but it's also a good way to pay some respect to your partner if someone else is participating.

Wash your hands, cut your nails and remove your jewelry

Just as with your anus, it's important to make sure anything that's going to go near it or inside of it is clean as well. Make sure to use proper handwashing techniques and cleanse both sides of the hands, between the fingers and beneath the fingernails. Make sure that fingernails are short and filed. It's also important to remove rings and other jewelry from the hands so that you don't end up losing them inside the anus during penetration.

If you're particularly picky about hygiene, or if you're with a partner whose sexual history you're not completely familiar with, you may want to consider using a latex glove.

Always use plenty of lube

While there is some moisture in the anus and rectum, that part of the body doesn't actually lubricate itself. As such, penetration can be painful and can result in small tears in the lining if you're not careful. Using ample lubrication can go a long way in preventing damage, pain and even infection that's the result of open wounds inside the anal cavity. It's important to remember that if at any point you'll be using condoms you need to be careful to use a water-based lubricant.

Oil-based lubes, including petroleum jelly, have been known to break down latex and can result in broken condoms.

Relax, go slow and be gentle

If you're new to prostate massage, it's easy to feel a bit tense about it. However, the best prostate massages happen when both partners (or just you, if it's a solo affair) are completely relaxed and comfortable. If you're nervous, take some deep breaths. Try to hold off on the anal play until you're feeling relaxed and turned on and it's likely to be a lot more pleasurable.

Once you're ready to begin, start off slow. Use just one finger or something of a similar size, in the beginning, to avoid over-stretching the anus and causing injuries. Penetrate slowly, adding more lube as needed, and avoid massaging too hard. Begin by massaging slowly and gently and add pressure as you feel it's needed to enhance your experience.

The Risks of Improper Prostate Massage

While the benefits of prostate massage are huge, there are some risks to performing it without proper preparation or massaging the prostate too roughly. Vigorous prostate massage can lead to worsening of any symptoms that you might have been trying to treat, and improper preparation, such as failing to wash hands, can lead to infection in some cases.

To avoid such risks, it's vital to employ proper techniques when you massage your prostate or have someone do it for you. By following the tips listed above, you can enjoy all the health benefits of prostate massage — and the mind-blowing orgasms that come along with it.

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