How to Make Your Partner Squirt [She’ll Thank You]

How to Make Your Partner Squirt [She’ll Thank You]

Making your girl squirt can really spice up your sexual relationship, and we're here to teach you how. Squirting refers to female ejaculation, which happens when females expel fluid from the urethra because of stimulation of the G-spot. The fluid can be a colourless and odourless fluid that comes out of the urethra in varying quantities or ejaculate fluid that is similar to male semen.

This should be obvious, but, before you go for it, trim and file your fingernails to avoid cutting or nicking your girl's vagina. If your hands are rough and jagged, exfoliate and moisturize them to soften them.

Now, let's get into the technique.

Techniques to Make Her Squirt

Insert your middle finger into her vagina. It will slip in easily if her vagina is wet and lubricated. Ideally, her natural wetness should coat your finger as it penetrates her. If she's not wet enough, lick your finger, or use lube. As your finger penetrates her, brush its pad (the area with the fingerprint) against the top vaginal wall. Stroke her gently, noting how she responds.

Do this for at least a minute before slowly pulling out your finger and inserting both your middle and ring fingers. Slide them in slowly so that her natural wetness coats them, or lubricate them with saliva or lube. As your fingers slide in, put some pressure on the G-spot by slightly curling up the fingers.

If this is your first time, your fingertips might need to explore a little to find the G-spot. Do this by extending your fingers to reach further inside her vagina, then curling them up slightly and rubbing along the top vaginal wall. The G-spot has a different texture that feels like a wet raspberry. Once you find, use the following techniques to stimulate it.

1. Push the Button and Rub the G-spot

Repeatedly press the G-spot up and down like a button, varying the speed and pressure and paying attention to your girl's response. Light pressure is enough to provide pleasure for some women; others need intense pressure.

Pushing the button is not enough to make her squirt, though. For that, you need also need to rub it in a circular motion as you apply pressure on the G-spot.

2. Make a Come-Hither Motion

Use your middle and ring fingers to make a beckoning or come-hither motion, running your fingertips on the G-spot to stimulate it. Vary the speed and pressure as you watch her reaction to find out what works for her. Curling your fingers applies more pressure on the G-spot and straightening them out releasing the pressure.

The above techniques are enough to make many women squirt. Two problems, though. First, your wrist and fingers may tire long before she squirts. Two, they may not adequately stimulate your girl. That's where the third technique comes in.

3. Let Your Arms Do the Work

This technique is similar to the one above, with one difference: you create motion with your whole arm rather than only your hand. Stiffen your arm and hand to lock them in place, keeping your fingertips firmly pressed against your girl's G-spot. Then rapidly move your arm up and down apply pressure on her G-spot. This technique rarely fails to make a woman squirt because it applies a lot more pressure than using only your hand.

4. Extra Tricks to Make Her Squirt

Here are a few tips to improve your chances of success.

  • Additional pressure. You or she can downward pressure to her pubic area to gently push the G-spot further down into the vagina and allow your fingers to apply more pressure from behind. Be careful not to apply to much pressure on the pubic area to avoid pushing down on the bladder and making her feel like peeing.
  • Clitoral stimulation. As your fingers stimulate her G-spot, use your other hand to stimulate her clit. Now, admittedly, effectively stimulating both organs takes practice. Your girl can help you do this.
  • Sex positions for squirting. Some sex positions help your girl squirt because they allow for stimulation of G-spot. These positions work best when they fit your sexual preferences.

Give Sex Toys a Shot

If your girl loves squirting, consider making it happen with sex toys like vibrators with contoured heads that stimulate the G-spot. She might also like rigid toys made from metal, glass, or hard plastic if she needs a lot of pressure to squirt or experience a G-spot orgasm. Find out from her what works best for her.

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