Female Ejaculation [Squirting]: What is it & Can Every Woman Do It?

Female Ejaculation [Squirting]: What is it & Can Every Woman Do It?

Some people believe that female ejaculation is as real as mermaids or the Loch Ness monster. What if we told you that you don't need a peen to ejaculate? It's more common than you might think — and gives the person who makes their girl do it an enormous sense of satisfaction. Making a lady squirt can be a huge turn-on and might even arouse your bloke enough to stand to attention again and give you another good seeing to straight away.

You can even do a bit of DIY and try it alone. However you choose to achieve it, squirting is a great way to spice up your sex life and try something new in the bedroom.

How To Do It

The first rule is not to beat yourself up or direct any negative feelings in your direction if you don't get there straight away — or at all. It's all about pleasure for you and (as an afterthought) your partner. You can see the process as an excuse to stimulate your G-spot and get comfortable communicating about your sexual preferences. You may just want to explore your own body. Once you're an expert at pleasing yourself, you can preach the erotic gospel to sexual partners and show them exactly how you like it.

For some ladies, it's a colossal orgasm with a spurt of liquid, and for others, it's a gushing pleasure bomb. Being open when it comes to sex is the most crucial factor that influences orgasm and enjoyment. Relax, feel comfortable and put all your worries to one side. Follow these steps to try squirting for yourself.

  1. Set the ambience. Mood lighting, scented candles and sexy music help you to relax and prepare for the experience.
  2. If it makes you comfortable, put down towels to prepare for any spillages.
  3. For those who don't already know where it is, you need to find your G-spot.
  4. This most erogenous of zones is located half an inch to two inches from the vaginal wall, in the direction of the stomach.
  5. You know when you've found it because the skin isn't smooth — it has the texture of an orange.
  6. Once you've located the G-spot, start to stimulate it gently. Be sure to have plenty of lube on hand as this makes it feel oh so much better and prevents soreness.
  7. You can use your fingers or even a specially designed G-spot vibrator. As the pleasure intensifies, your erectile tissue (yes, ladies have it, too!) will fill with blood, and the labia and G-spot will engorge.
  8. Be sure to pay close attention to your body; apply gentle pressure if you feel any discomfort, and try to follow the signals your body is giving you.
  9. If you suddenly feel like you need to wee, this is a great sign! Try to relax your pelvic floor muscles.
  10. The tricky bit is learning to relax and push at the same time. Because you're conditioned to not pee during sexual stimulation, it may take a while to allow your urethra to release ejaculate.

Does Everyone Squirt?

It's generally accepted that some girls can and some girls can't. What does appear to be a myth is that you can't teach yourself to enhance your petit mort. There are plenty of girls who learn how to do it and some who suddenly find out they can during sex with a particularly skilled stallion. It's become a more mainstream practice, due to the prevalence of pornos in our modern world. You'd be surprised at how many people have a cheeky fetish for it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sexperts have confirmed that female ejaculation is scientifically possible. They also advise that the squirter must be extremely aroused and have her G-spot stimulated in just the right way. As such, you'll have to 'endure' the arduous task of finding out the best way to get you gagging for it.

Getting you in the mood is just as important as knowing the right method, so make sure you tell your man exactly how to make you as horny as possible. Whether it's getting your hands tied to the bedpost and being gently tickled with a feather, or having them whisper filthy talk in your ear, help him to find the best ways to put you in the mood.

The Best Positions For Female Ejaculation

  • Doggy style
  • Legs on shoulders
  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Missionary

If you're ready to take the plunge and get versed in the elusive practice of female ejaculation, make sure you've got plenty of lube, a G-spot vibrator and a someone who is willing to go to great lengths to reap flowing rewards.

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